Portage Bay Farm Spotlight: Osprey Hill Farm

Osprey Hill.png

At Portage Bay Cafe, our mission is to offer local, organic, and sustainable foods through the tastiest menu offerings that we can come up with. That means we get to work with some amazing Pacific Northwest farmers and distributors! Osprey Hill Farm is one such partner.

Their story goes something like this…

18 years ago a boy met a girl, they fell in love, and loved the idea of farming. He was going to be a doctor. She a dietician. But alas, the call to farming was louder and stronger than that of a briefcase or stethoscope. They jumped into a VW van and toured the west coast in search of knowledge. Along the way, three marvelous, bright, and generally cheery children joined the cause and Osprey Hill Farm was born. Osprey Hill is a small, organically grown family farm that is taking big steps towards sustainability. We're committed to providing honest, high quality food while working to sustain and improve our land and natural resources. Nothing beats a home grown meal and we love sharing the fruits of our labor with you.

If you make a trip up to Bellingham, be sure to check this farm out! Beautiful country and a wonderful farm! Click here to visit their website.