People of Portage Bay: Meet Rosalind, Our Director of Front-of-House Operations!


Director of Front of House Operations


I am the director of front of house operations, which means that I am the point person for the Portage Bay Cafe guest experience. I support and coach the management of all four locations and help keep the company moving forward.

How Long I've Worked with Portage Bay:

I have been a Portage Bay employee for a little over four years. I’ve worked every customer service position possible along the way. 

Favorite Thing About Working with Portage Bay:

Getting to meet so many wonderful people! It’s amazing to come to work and chat with our regular customers, to hear where our out-of-towners are visiting from, and to see our employees connecting with guests and having fun. They definitely make the hard work worth it.

Favorite Meal:

Our Huevos Rancheros with chorizo from Uli’s Famous Sausage is probably my favorite ... Oh, but shoutout to the Swedish Pancakes! I have a weakness for those.

Fun Fact:

My background is in the arts. I grew up performing and studied theatrical direction and production at the UW, which funnily enough really applies to running a restaurant. I love karaoke and social dancing, and I'm trying to learn AcroYoga this summer!

Favorite Thing About Seattle:

Seattle has everything. Bodies of water, mountain views, fun neighborhoods, and a city center packed with arts and culture events. Also, so much fabulous food. Good food is very important to me.

Answers have been edited for length and clarity.