Portage Bay Gears Up for the Lake Union 10K

The event is happening on Sunday, Aug. 12

A photo from a previous 10K. Courtesy of lakeunion10k.com

A photo from a previous 10K. Courtesy of lakeunion10k.com

Aug. 12 marks the 10th Annual Lake Union 10k — and the Portage Bay team will once again be providing a free breakfast to participants following the race!

The 10k has become a longstanding tradition celebrated by the Lake Union community. It was founded by Laura and Jeff Robinson in 2008, and benefits the wellness-centered nonprofit Girls on the Run Puget Sound.

The 10K is additionally supported by 5focus, a Robinson-owned movement studio that was opened in 2007 in an effort to, according to the business’s website, “give back to the community.”

When Mrs. Robinson was inspired to instigate a 10K the following year, she worked with the city of Seattle and dedicated a number of personal hours to establish the course that acts, with a few tweaks, as the foundation of the Lake Union 10K: the Chesiahud Lake Union Trail.

Although the event has come to be a popular proceeding, the race as it is now recognized took a few years to fully develop.

“We held the race in a parking lot the first three years of the event due to Lake Union Park construction,” Mrs. Robinson said. “The people at Kenmore Air literally supported our start and finish line with their water supply.”

This year’s race, which marks the 10th-year anniversary, is expected to be among the tradition’s most well-attended. As of July 31, about 1,750 people have registered to participate — a massive number in comparison to the 650 of the inaugural year — which has resulted in the starting line being moved to Westlake Avenue to accommodate a larger number of people.

Since 2011, the 10K has been sponsored by Portage Bay, a partnership which has garnered attention.

Even before the relationship began, working with the restaurant was appealing: not only did 5focus share similar values, but it was located just six blocks away from Portage Bay’s South Lake Union site. The idea of offering a post-race breakfast was also intriguing.

“After many years of eating at Portage Bay's South Lake Union location, one morning we asked the manager if they were interested in partnering with our four-year-old race,” Mrs. Robinson said. “The manager happened to be the owner, John Gunnar, who grew up in Ballard and loves Lake Union. We have proudly partnered with them ever since that morning.”

Offering a post-race meal is certainly concordant with Mrs. Robinson’s ultimate objective: that participants have a memorable, positive experience.

“I hope they appreciate lovely Lake Union and our amazing Seattle views throughout the race course,” she said. “I hope they feel great and soak in the Seattle experience at our post-race expo.”