The Zombie at Portage Bay Cafe in Roosevelt

michael zombie.jpg

We recently sat down with Portage Bay Cafe’s Michael Yakovich to talk about his “Frank the Zombie” creation. Read the interview below and be sure to check out his YouTube page to see Frank for yourself! But BE WARNED…he is a very real looking zombie! Not for the faint of heart…:)

Tell us a bit about your art.

My current artistic endeavor is my new YouTube channel called, "Frank The Zombie." It is a vlog series where I play an out of work zombie, looking to make it big on YouTube so he can pay the rent. I have several videos up now, including a parody music video of Selena Gomez's "Hands To Myself" featuring a few other Portage Bay Cafe crew members :) But soon, Frank will be making his version of popular YouTube videos like, unboxing, reaction, and ASMR. Just to be ridiculous, and hopefully give you a laugh.

How did you get into it?

I've been making short funny videos with friends ever since I was in grade school and my parents got me a Tyco VideoCam for Christmas. I wanted to reconnect with the fun of that as an adult and thought YouTube would be the perfect platform. I got into theatrical and special FX makeup at UW, and thought this project would combine all my interests: Acting, Writing, Film Making, Comedy, Horror, Special FX.

What inspires your work? What inspires you?

Honestly, I'll be watching something on TV, or listening to a song, and I'll start spacing out into different scenes or moments that those media conjure up in my head. Especially music, I have a very cinematic imagination. I can hear a song and think of exactly what images I would pair with it. Or riff off of a joke or comment one of my friends make, they have a LOT of great ideas!!!

Where can people learn more about your work?

You can look up my YouTube channel "Frank The Zombie" LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE, haha, you can be responsible for launching Frank into stardom!

URL: Frank The Zombie

And lastly, what is your favorite Portage Bay Cafe dish?

I tell everyone who will listen that I think we have the best Pancakes that I've ever tasted! But when it comes to lunch- I eat a Chicken Wrap every day! It's lovely.