Seattle Sounders Join Portage Bay for Make-a-Wish Dinner 2019.

Seattle Sounders FC joined Portage Bay Cafe to celebrate the Make-a-Wish Foundation’s auction winner’s exclusive dinner at our South Lake Union cafe. The food was prepared by Portage Bay Chef Dave Miller and his crew, with the Bakery at Portage Bay’s Ada Chen creating a delicious dessert for the event.

The 2019 Make-a-Wish Gala took place in March and was created to help raise money and awareness for the organization. Portage Bay stepped up to offer our cafe and a custom four-course meal as an auction item, and the Seattle Sounders players offered their skills to help run food and keep glasses full.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation is dedicated to creating life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses and has chapters throughout the U.S.

A huge thank you to the Sounders FC team, our staff and the auction winners for supporting such a great cause!

‘Portage Gays’ Represent Portage Bay Cafe in Seattle Pride Parade 2019


Portage Bay Cafe employees participated in the Seattle Pride Parade for the second consecutive year in 2019. Affectionately referring to themselves as the Portage Gays, this all volunteer crew put together an amazing float and handed out local, organic strawberries to parade attendees.

A huge thank you to Joseph & Andrew for organizing the Portage Gays float, and to all of our volunteers, as well as everyone who came out for this amazing day in Seattle!

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Portage Bay Farm Spotlight: Osprey Hill Farm

Osprey Hill.png

At Portage Bay Cafe, our mission is to offer local, organic, and sustainable foods through the tastiest menu offerings that we can come up with. That means we get to work with some amazing Pacific Northwest farmers and distributors! Osprey Hill Farm is one such partner.

Their story goes something like this…

18 years ago a boy met a girl, they fell in love, and loved the idea of farming. He was going to be a doctor. She a dietician. But alas, the call to farming was louder and stronger than that of a briefcase or stethoscope. They jumped into a VW van and toured the west coast in search of knowledge. Along the way, three marvelous, bright, and generally cheery children joined the cause and Osprey Hill Farm was born. Osprey Hill is a small, organically grown family farm that is taking big steps towards sustainability. We're committed to providing honest, high quality food while working to sustain and improve our land and natural resources. Nothing beats a home grown meal and we love sharing the fruits of our labor with you.

If you make a trip up to Bellingham, be sure to check this farm out! Beautiful country and a wonderful farm! Click here to visit their website.

Portage Bay Employees Visit C89.5 to Support Seattle Non-Profits


Portage Bay Cafe employees Atlee Feingold and Anthony Kuzemchak recently visited Seattle public radio station C89.5 to talk about the non-profit organizations that they are proud to support!

Throughout May & June, Portage Bay employees and other Seattleites will be featured on the station as a part of the “It’s Up To Us” campaign. This program was created by C89.5 to promote different ways that we can all get more involved in our communities and help make the world a better place!

Take a listen to Atlee & Anthony below:

Atlee Feingold:

Anthony Kuzemchak:

Seattle NPR Affiliate KNKX Highlights Food Hub & Portage Bay Cafe

Image: Parker Miles Blohm / KNKX

Image: Parker Miles Blohm / KNKX

All Things Considered host Ed Ronco and producer Geoffrey Redick take listeners inside the heart and soul of Skagit county, from farmers helping each other thrive to vital programs for marginalized populations.

They visit Bow Hill Blueberries, where Harley Soltes is hard at work juicing 180 pounds of thawed blueberries on his 5-acre farm. Most of the berries are frozen once they’re picked, a “value-added” approach, Soltes says. “And by freezing all the fruit first, it kind of ruptures the cell structure and helps release the juice the way we do it,” he said. The farm is one of the founding members of the Puget Sound Food Hub, a farmer-owned cooperative with the goal of selling good food at a price that will keep farmers in business.

Click here to listen to the full piece:

Portage Bay Cafe's Jacqueline Moulton Interviewed by KUOW's 'The Record'


Jacqueline Moulton of our South Lake Union cafe recently spoke to KUOW Public Radio's Bill Radke for their show “The Record,” about how to help a homeless person in crisis.

In addition to her work with Portage Bay Cafe, Jacqueline is the Art & Communications coordinator for Aurora Commons in Seattle. Take a listen via the link below!

Listen Here:

Employee Spotlight: Atlee Feingold Talks Music & 'Everytown for Gun Safety'

Atlee Feingold (right) with OYES cofounder Savannah Hense.

Atlee Feingold (right) with OYES cofounder Savannah Hense.

Atlee Feingold works at Portage Bay Cafe in South Lake Union and recently sat down to tell us a bit about her music and passion project.

1. Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

I am a singer/songwriter and also the co-founder of small altruistic business, Open Your Eyes Sunnies (OYES), that donates a $1 of every pair purchased to Everytown for Gun Safety.

2. How did you get into it?

Music - I have been singing and song writing since I was very little however, it wasn't until I moved to Seattle that I really started to pursue producing and performing my own music. My music is a mix of alternative blues and new age folk. Its where my heart lies and I love it. 

OYES - Violence in America is not something any of us should take lightly and violence with a gun can be finite. I wanted to do something else with my time that gave back to the people who are pounding the pavement each and every day to push gun sense regulation and make our cities, schools and neighborhoods safer for all of us. 

3. What inspires your work? What inspires you? 

Music - Life, experiences, love, self expression and honesty. Also giving people permission to feel. Thats why I do what I do.

OYES - Creating a society that is based out of community and communication rather than boundaries and fear. Thats what drives me. I am inspired by all of the people whose lives have been affected by gun violence and get up every day and fight to make sure others do not suffer from the same fate, the moms who go door to door to help pass gun sense regulation, the parkland students, and all of the victims who have lost their lives and loved ones to senseless, preventable violence. They inspire me to get up every day and do this work. 

4. Where can people learn more about your work? 

Music- Join my mailing list!

OYES- Join our mailing list!

5. What is your favorite Portage Bay Cafe dish? 

The Vegan Banana Pancakes